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We are a non-profit organization on a mission to partner with schools and community organizations to support and empower teens as they discover their inner greatness, towards healing and activating their voices to become Change Makers within their communities.

The I Am Girls’ Project

The DreamBig College is on a mission to partner with schools and local community organizations to create a bridge of mental health support ...

Girl Power Circle

A support community which creates safe spaces for girls between the ages of 12 to 24 years to Discover and activate their voices as they develop a deeper sense of self.

Parent Network

Family Support for teens enrolled in our programs. We provide individual therapy and workshops ...

About Us

Anxiety and depression occur in both genders, but by the teenage years, girls are much more at risk than boys. According to research, by mid-adolescence, girls are more than twice as likely to be diagnosed with a mood disorder as boys.

The Girl Power Movement is on a mission to partner with our community organizations to BREAK this cycle.

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I Am Girls’ Project:

A twelve-week leadership Social Justice program, designed to challenge the girls to develop and mature into Change makers and Peer Advisors within their communities. Girls will engage in identify a need that impacts their peers or community and research possible solutions for implementation.

Girl Power Circles:

A support group that empowers girls to discover their girl power gems (their inner greatness), as they develop confidence. resiliency in finding their voices.

Therapy for Girls:

Individual Therapy. In addition, we support the family by also providing individual and family therapy as needed.


Writing is a key component of our curriculum. Girls will have the opportunity to be co-authors by submitting writing reflections into the annual book project